Caan, Ruth: A wealthy woman in the 1600’s who practiced rituals of dark magick, and organized squads of Witch hunters to eliminate her opposition. By reading cards Ruth was able to divine facts by clairvoyance.
Ruth’s plan was to seize Melinda Warren when she was born, and twist the baby’s powers to her own ends. To ensure this she kidnapped Melinda’s mother while she was still pregnant, but The Charmed Ones foiled her plans, despite Belthazor’s aid.

Call A Lost Sister: A re-wording of the spell to Call A Lost Witch. Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews created this spell to draw Piper Halliwell back to the Manor after her transformation into a Fury.
Because the call of the spell would not be strong enough to lure a Fury in blood lust the sister sweetened it by adding some of Cole Turner’s blood, offering him as evil bait. While speaking the words the sisters dripped Cole’s blood onto a candle.

Power of the sister's rise,
Course unseen across the skies,
Come to use who call you near,
Come to us and settle here

Blood to blood,
I summon thee,
Blood to blood return to me

Call A Lover To Oneself, To: A spell and potion created by the Evil Enchantress to appropriate The Prince’s love for the Lady Julia and transfer it to herself.
Once the potion was cast at The Prince’s feet he would answer the spells call, believing he loved Paige’s soul, through all of her lives. As a consequence when the present day Paige recited the spell the Prince was drawn through time to her, madly in love with her present self.
As part and parcel of the spell The Prince was able to sense his love’s location at all times, compelled to follow the pull of her heart and be with her.
Once the Enchantress’s powers were bound the spell ceased to have any effect, and The Prince loved the Lady Julia once again.

Being together my prince and me,
Let him fall on bended knee,
I summon him to my side,
That he may take me to be his destined bride

Call A Lost Witch: A ritual compiled from other magickal spells by Piper Halliwell. It was designed to bring Prue Halliwell back to life, but failed, instead having the unforeseen effect of drawing Paige Matthews back to the family.
The spell recited had three verses. After the first was recited Piper placed herbs in a bowl, and then before reciting the third she cut her hand and added blood to the mixture.

In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power,
Bring back my sister,
Bring back the Power Of Three

Power of the Witches rise,
Course unseen across the skies,
Come to us who call you near,
Come to us and settle here

Blood to blood,
I summon thee,
Blood to blood return to me

This spell remained in effect until Paige returned to the Manor, mystically calling to her spirit, and also manifesting a paper in Paige’s office open to Prue’s obituary to lead her to the funeral.

Call A Witch’s Power, To: An incantation to summon a Witch’s separated powers, either into a new vessel after a separation potion had been consumed, or to call it back into the Witch after her abilities had been stolen.
To call the separated powers of a Witch into a body requires the forming of a circle and repeated chanting until the powers answer.

Powers of the Witches rise,
Course unseen across the skies,
Come to us who call you near,
Come to us and settle here

To Call A Witch's Power

The same process can be used to reverse a power stealing, but if a Witch calls for her power without it first being separated from the new holder she runs the risk of accidentally summoning the being as well.

Camp Skylark: The childhood Summer Camp of Prue and Piper Halliwell. It was shutdown due to the large number of suspicious drownings that occurred in the camp lake.
It was here that the Water Demon killed Patty Halliwell, and here that The Charmed Ones finally vanquished it.

Carlton, Jeff: The manager of the music group Dishwalla. He used his pact with the demon Masselin to attract successful bands to him. The more souls that he fed Masselin the more successful he became. The willing souls that he gave Masselin were usually groupies of the band, and the Police became suspicious of the disappearances at Dishwalla’s gigs.
At first Carlton was a willing accomplice to the pact but when the police began investigating him he wanted to break it. Masselin forced him to honor their pact by threatening to burn the flesh from his bones for eternity.
When the Charmed Ones vanquished Masselin Carlton was freed from the pact but was taken away by Morris to pay for his crimes.

Carrie: Member of the coven of the triple crescent and a Witch. She fell victim to the demon Sykes' quest to emulate Belthazor.

Chameleons: Shape shifting, demonic, spies able to assume any shape or form. They possess the ability to see and hear even when mimicking inorganic forms, such as a lamp; and are able to instantaneously regenerate any damages to their form. In addition to these powers chameleons can also shimmer and are telekinetic.
The Charmed Ones possessed a spell capable of vanquishing a chameleon but never had cause to use it. The spell is:

Evil hiding in plain site,
I use this spell with all my might,
To stop your changing form and shape,
This vanquish seals your fate

Chameleons lack traditional bodies, but any cells separated from their form revert to a green, blood like, liquid.

Chandelier: The crystal light fitting in the main hall of Halliwell Manor. It has a spiritual connection to the inhabitants and glowed both on the night Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell’s powers were unbound, and when Paige Matthews was reunited with her sisters.

Mark ChaoChao, Mark: The first ghost the Charmed Ones encountered. He was murdered by gang members and sought the Halliwells help in avenging his death, and also their protection from the demon Gatekeeper Yama who wanted to claim his soul.
After his body received a proper burial Mark moved on to a higher plane. While alive he was both a great Chef, and a molecular biologist. As a ghost he shared an attraction with Piper Halliwell.

Charlotte: The mother of Melinda Warren. After The Charmed Ones rescued her from Ruth Caan, Ava’s coven shielded she and her baby from harm.
Though Charlotte gave birth to an extremely powerful Witch she did not have any magickal abilities of her own.

Charlotte    Baby Melinda

Charmed Ones, The: See: The Charmed Ones.

Charms: Small, symbolic, trinkets that can be charged with magick. Imbued with the power of Halloween by Belthazor the charms around Ruth Caan’s estate were able to create an energy field which violently repelled Witches.
Despite their power Phoebe Halliwell was able to use old magick to overcome them, and pass the barrier.

Chosen One: A person born in every generation that was capable of wielding Tuatha’s magick wand against her. Apart from this they were mortal and possessed no supernatural abilities. The Chosen one that succeeded in vanquishing Tuatha was Kyle, the seventh son of the seventh son, and the seventh generation of Chosen Ones.
Once Tuatha was freed the wand would find it’s way to the Chosen One.

Kyle - The Chosen One

Christopher: Cursed to be an owl by day, and a human by night. After narrowly escaping death he was able to break his curse with the help of The Charmed Ones. For more information see: Lycanthropy Curse, The.

Christopher    Christopher as an owl

Clones: See: Multiplication Spell and Cloning.

Cloning: A power that allows the user to create an exact duplicate, or clone of themselves, complete with any powers the user has. The clone is able to act independently, as though it were a real person, but the cloning can only be maintained for a short time, after which the clone evaporates. Eames, the Warlock, gained this power after killing a Witch in Glasgow.

For Paige a trip to the past means braces againClyde: Oft times referred to as a malevolent spirit, Clyde is also known as the Ghost Of The Past. For a price Clyde is capable of sending a being back in time to re-experience parts of their life in their past bodies. Usually Clyde will guide a client, shepherding them through the trip, but in certain cases he is capable of sending another through time to act as an immaterial companion.
Clyde’s method of transporting clients is the Doorway To The Past, necessitating his ability to capture and return spirits in the void.
The only way to make Clyde appear is to make him mad. He ignores all spells of summoning but, capable of hearing a call, will respond to a tirade of insults. 

GamillCollector, The: After a run in with a Witch in the 1970’s the demon Gamill was cursed to appear as ugly on the outside as he was internally, forcing him to create a golem in his previous image to lure female victims to his lair.
Once captured, Gamill’s victims were shrunk, covered in clay and baked into hideous one of a kind figurines for his macabre collection.
Gamill possessed a small, metallic, wand capable of emitting energy beams with two distinct functions: a blue lightning beam that shrunk whatever it struck, and a red disintegration beam. He also possessed enough magickal skill and power to create golems from clay.
Gamill’s method of murder was grisly but he was not a dangerous foe, primarily choosing to hide instead of fight. By turning his own wand against him, and using a power of three spell Phoebe had written, The Charmed Ones were able to vanquish him.

Small of mind,
Big of woe,
The pain you caused,
You now will know

Once Gamill was vanquished all of his living victims were returned to their normal states.

Phoebe is shrunk    A clay covered victim    Piper and Paige are shrunk    Gamill's wand is turned against him

Collectors, The: A group of Warlocks who are able to drain knowledge through needle like finger protrusions. It is unknown what other powers these Warlocks shared but all Collectors seen thus far have possessed the ability to blink, as well as a measure of invulnerability. The Collectors were after the Akashic records, but their efforts to obtain them were thwarted by the Charmed Ones.

A collector drains Phoebe's brain

Conical Hats: A practice of old magick. These hats keep a Witch centered and focused, are spiritual points, and help channel magick.

Control Spell: Priestess Dantalion, while in possession of the Book Of Shadows cast this spell on Prue and Zion to make them do her bidding.

Through this book,
Weave this spell,
Create the pain of heaven to hell,
May she suffer

There was also a last verse in Latin to complete the spell. These words are not known. Once Zion was vanquished and the sisters and the Book Of Shadows were returned to good, the spell was broken. One would assume that the Books’ reversion erased this evil spell from its pages.

Cortes, Inspector: San Franciscan police Inspector intent on exposing the magick of the Halliwells. He changed his mind when Leo saved him from death at the hands of The Source.

Cortes in the demon dimension

Couriers, Demon: Former mortals consumed by sin, forced to become demonic sin pushers after death. These couriers can be vanquished by Lucas at will, but possess their own abilities. At least one demon courier has displayed the abilities to teleport and to create small explosive blasts.

Coven: A collective of Witches. A coven can be a simple forum for sharing knowledge of magick and friendship, or a group bound together to battle demons.

Create A Door, Spell To: A spell that the future Halliwell’s used to create a door. To do so you had to draw the outline of a door in a wall and then say these words:

When you find your way is blocked,
All you have to do is knock

Then one knocked on the drawn door and a real door appeared and opened.

Cruelty, Demon Of: A female demon that hardens the heart and corrupts the soul.

Crystal Sword: See Lords of War, The.

Cryokinesis: The ability to create ice, and freeze things, with your thoughts. Piper Halliwell had this power briefly while under Dantalion’s influence. With it she could encase people and objects in ice, as well as freeze them through. Once frozen they became extremely brittle and shattered easily.

Cryto: Cryto: The demon of vanity. Cryto was able to restore lost youth and beauty with a wave of his hand, as well as achieve the reverse, aging people to dust in seconds.
In the 16th century Cryto traveled the Dukedom’s offering youth and beauty, but at a great price. In exchange for his services Cryto demanded the souls of those he restored.
A group of three Witches sought to stop Cryto and were able to skin him alive, believing this would prevent his spirit from returning. Rather than being vanquished the demon was reduced to a non-corporeal state, lying dormant until the members of Gail Altman’s coven were able to summon him. Three Witches were needed to call the demon, and also three to destroy him.
To summon the spirit of the demon three Witches must link hands around a circle and chant these words:

We call on the demon Cryto,
Reach back throughout the ages,
Humbled by his power,
We invite him into our circle

If the call were successful Cryto’s ethereal presence would appear as an outline of a face in smoke.
The same spell could also be used to resurrect Cryto in a corporeal body, if a shell in the shape of a man had been fashioned for him to inhabit. Gail Altman’s coven made Cryto a shell from the skin of the dead and summoned him into it. He rewarded them with their deaths.
A Witch from the Halliwell line at some point discovered the Witches that had attempted Cryto’s demise had been unsuccessful. As preparation for the day when his spirit might rise again a spell was written in the Book Of Shadows. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe were able to use this spell to vanquish Cryto permanently:

What Witches done and then undone,
Turn this spirit back within,
And separate him from his skin

Cryto    Cryto is called into a Witches circle    Cryto is vanquished

Cryto's ethereal form    Cryto's aging power kills Gail    Cryto in the Book Of Shadows

A Cupid agentCupids: Agents of love that helped potential lovers find, and trust, each other. They used the Heartbeat Rings to “slip between heartbeats” and plant thoughts of subliminal encouragement. There were several Cupid agents, working all over the world. One of these agents sought the help of the Halliwells in order to vanquish Drazi, a demon of hate, and cosmic counterpart to the Cupids.
The Cupids exist in a realm removed from ours, and use the Heartbeat Rings to move between it and Earth.

Curse: A curse is a form of spell usually involving putting bad luck, pain, or other unpleasantness onto another. The Halliwell sisters have never performed a curse. Melinda Warren cursed the Warlock Matthew into a locket for eternity, twice, by using these words and other ingredients:

Outside of time,
Outside of gain

Know only sorrow,
Know only pain

Melinda curses Matthew

For more information on various curses see: Infinite Lives Curse; Lycanthropy Curse, The; and Painting, The.